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Geckos New Tail

tell us about your background

I grew up on the north coast of NSW on a small farm and have always been inspired by flora and fauna in nature. I am a textile designer with a BA in visual arts specialising in wearable arts and costume design. I love fabrics and in particular fabrics with a retro and vintage look. I have always made my own clothing. Then I started to make pieces for friends and family.

tell us about what you create

I make one off clothing and accessories that are inspired from a bygone era. A lot of my pieces invoke nostalgia.
Some of my creations so far have included dresses and skirts made from curtains and table cloths, sun hats from tea towels, caps from suit and ties and satchels made from coffee bean bags.

what made you start making your pieces?

I wanted a more sustainable and self sufficient way of life for my family and I by recycling and reusing. I guess it was about educating my children as well by showing them that you can make cool clothing instead of buying new imported products. I also want a creative education for future generations so the culture starts at home and resonates!

What is your inspiration/influences?

I am inspired by the colour, pattern and texture in different fabrics. Of a time less hectic and more social! That is the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s! I like to dance and dress up and go out and have fun!

What materials do you use?

A lot of my material is high quality recycled fabric. I use any thing from curtains, table cloths and tea towels to vintage dresses and dinner jackets. Basically if the material is of a high quality and very cool I will turn it into something completely different to its original purpose. Or revamp it and doll it up so to speak.
I have been given grandma’s tourist tea towel collection and made hats out of them or men’s dinner jackets of woollen tweed and made lap top satchels. A silk sari into a flowing full length halter neck dress, etc etc. The fabric usually inspires the piece of wearable functional fashion item!

tell us about your creative process?

I am inspired by retro and vintage clothing. I usually op shop with an open mind but head to the home wares section and into the table cloths etc! I do find the occasional gem in the ladies section and try and re create it! Texture and colour usually are the most important requirements to attract my attention and usually natural fabrics only! I do love 1960’s paisley and swirls and bold floral prints. The fabric usually dictates the piece and then I either create a pattern to suit or rummage through my collection of vintage patterns to adapt. So then the colour combinations begin and the fabrics usually compliment each other in weight and strength depending on what’s on the cutting table at the time. Seasonal trends influence me and the desire to dare to be a little different!

why did you choose in.cube8r?

I love Melbourne, it’s the arts capital of Australia and I have found Fitzroy to be my “Mecca” so to speak. The caf�s the food the designer shops the quirkiness of the place is just my idea of a fun place to be. I walked the streets looking for somewhere to sell my pieces that would value them and promote them. Incub8r was my first stop after a friend noticed the shop front and messaged me a picture on ANZAC day. It was not open but it made us both curious! So I came for a visit from the north coast of NSW and here I am a month later!

anything else you would like to add?

If you have found me here and want more please contact me. I would also like to know where my pieces end up and what new adventures they have. This I would like to share on my blog and Facebook page. Use the email address above or message me on FB. Thanks for reading!

where else can we find you?

I do sell online through my website.
And through my Facebook page of the same name geckosnewtail.
You can email me at for a custom made order. I also stock other shops on the north coast of NSW if you are visiting that area. You will find me in Iluka Emporium usually on a Thursday! And sewing!

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