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tell us about your background

I was born in Spain. I created and managed Easy Beading some years ago. I mainly sold beads and findings online and would go to local craft markets with my handmade jewellery. I then left that and worked as a painter and decorator which then led me to become a gardener and have achieved a Certificate IV in Horticulture so I currently run Green Envy Gardening.

tell us about what you create

I love earrings so I quite enjoy making them. And I really enjoy crochet. it’s something I can do practically anywhere and I do. I go through fases so there are tomes I make lots of baby things, or handbags … it just depends on the yarns and colours that catch my attention.

what made you start making your pieces?

I guess seen my mum sewing and she’d try to teach me but I’ve never liked it that much. I first started to knit when I was about 8. And then I discovered crochet. As a teenager people we knew would ask me to make them stuff so I guess I was meant to be doing this.

What is your inspiration/influences?

I get inspired by boredom. I cannot just be sitting somewhere without doing something. So I’ll “watch” TV while I crochet or look for patterns or ideas or practice new stitches.

What materials do you use?

Obviously yarn is a must have. I really like buttons as well. And findings that Incan use indifferent ways.

tell us about your creative process?

If I’m making jewellery I will just spread the beads or findings I want to use put in front of me and just look at them for a bit and I’ll start to see what it’s going to look like. With crochet it’s kind of similar. Sometimes I see a pattern I like so I’ll find a yarn and colour I feel will suit the look. Or if I find a yarn I like, I’ll look for ideas on what item will suit it.

why did you choose in.cube8r?

I used to sell my stuff on consignment at a little shop in Sale (VIC) and thought I’d look and see if there was something like that around Melbourne. I found in.cube8r on Google and really liked the concept.

anything else you would like to add?

I’m really looking forward to been a part of in.cube8r and I’m grateful that I have this opportunity.

where else can we find you?

I try to keep it simple so I just have an Etsy shop.

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