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tell us about your background

I grew up in a family surrounded by creative arts. My mum is a very accomplished artist and I was always fascinated by her work. Back then I turned my creativity to making jewellery and dolls clothing. It wasn’t until I was studying Jewellery Engineering at Tafe that I really discovered how much I loved to draw, and not until my son was born in 2009 that I began drawing in the vein I do now.

tell us about what you create

I create Illustrations of quaint characters and idyllic scenes using watercolour paints. My designs are usually based around nature with my own whimsical twist. I like to bring my illustrations into your home in the form of cushions, toys, and Giclee Prints.

what made you start making your pieces?

I started painting five years ago when I found myself at home with a new baby. I didn’t have the space or the time to set up a metal work studio to pursue a career in jewellery, so I turned to Illustration which had been my favourite subject, and renewed my passion!

What is your inspiration/influences?

My inspiration comes from what I see around me. My kids and my pets give me lots of ideas and I also love traipsing around op shops collecting antiques, and curiosities.

I have been strongly influenced by illustrators such as Beatrix potter, Edward Ardizzone, and the amazing Arthur Rackham.

why did you choose in.cube8r?

After meeting and chatting to Isy about In.cub8r; it’s purpose and aspirations, it really resonated with me and I wanted to be a part of it. It is hard to find an outlet that is keen to help the artist in their dreams and help them reach their potential. I’m excited to see what the future holds for me as a part of In.cub8r!

where else can we find you?
Instagram user name: #togandpini

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